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Silent Grief - Miscarriage & Child Loss - Finding Your Way Through The Darkness

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Silent Grief - A Book of Hope for the Grieving
Lovingly written on the topic of miscarriage and child loss

Silent Grief is a work of love and compassion written especially for parents who feel like they are suffering through the pain of child loss alone. Author Clara Hinton knows personally the pain of child loss and understands the feelings of isolation and aloneness. Because the author found there to be such a lack of support and understanding about miscarriage and the death of a child, the author has written a book that becomes a friend, offering the help all parents need to have in order to cope with the loss of a child.

Every parent who experiences the death of a child enters a realm of pain unlike any other. Grief grips the heart making it difficult to move on in life. Often depression sets in, causing additional feelings of suffering alone through this incredibly difficult journey of grief.

In Clara Hinton's book, Silent Grief, hope for those grieving the loss of a child can be found. This book is not just one person's personal journey of grief through the valley of child loss, but contains input from scores of parents who have traveled the lonely road of loss.

Author Clara Hinton has a unique ability to put down on paper what others feel in their hearts. You will walk through this journey of child loss in Silent Grief, finishing with your heart and mind restored and replenished and your burden of grief much lighter. Silent Grief assures you that you are not alone in your grief. This book fast becomes the companion and friend that one so dearly needs when trying to cope with the devastation of child loss.

Silent Grief is packed with every emotion a parent feels when the death of a child occurs. There are stories of hope for mothers grieving miscarriage and lost dreams. Fathers have not been forgotten in this book, either. All through Silent Grief there are keen insights for fathers grieving the loss of a child. Always, there is hope and support given to parents who have gone through child loss.

The author of Silent Grief felt a need to write this book in such a way that those who want to help family members and friends could also use it as a tool to help in the grieving process. Silent Grief gives an in-depth look into the heart of a parent who has lost a child. The book also deals with the often overlooked and misunderstood intense emotions felt during a miscarriage.

Silent Grief addresses the issues of what to say to a grieving parent, how to help overcome depression from child loss, how to support a grieving parent, and points everyone in the direction of that long awaited journey of hope following the loss of a child.

Silent Grief is a friend to all. The words in this book will comfort, encourage, and give hope during the loneliest moments of grief and loss. Silent Grief is a book written from the heart to the heart. It is a book that will change your life forever!

Besides being used by bereaved parents, Silent Grief is currently being used on some college campuses to help nurses, funeral directors, and counselors to better understand the grief process parents go through during the loss of a child. Clergymen are finding Silent Grief to be a vital resource as they help couples go through the grief of losing a child.

Silent Grief is universal in its use and the message is timeless. No longer do parents have to grieve the loss of a child alone. Silent Grief is truly a God-inspired message of hope!

Silent Grief can be purchased at your local Christian bookstore. For online visitors, Silent Grief can be ordered from Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. Silent Grief can also be ordered directly from New Leaf Press by calling 870-438-5288. Author interviews can be arranged by calling this number, also.

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