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Clara Hinton, the Author of Silent Grief
Bio of the author and website founder, Clara Hinton

In 1995 Clara had her first two books published, Heavenly Pearls of Wisdom for Husbands and Heavenly Pearls of Wisdom for Wives. This was a dream come true for a stay-at-home mother of eleven children and wife of 31 years.

In between taking care of her family, Clara has been taking on a more active role in promoting her two greatest passions: God and family.

  • Author of 4 books, including Silent Grief
  • Contributing author to How to Avoid Being Too Soon Old Too Late Smart
  • Contributing author to What I Know Now That I Wish They'd Told Me Then
  • Conducts Family/Marriage seminars with husband, John Hinton
  • Author of a weekly inspirational newsletter for the past 10 years
  • Contributor to Christian Woman magazine
  • Contributor to Church & Family magazine
  • Speaks on college campuses on the topic of grief
  • Certified Bereavement Facilitator
  • Keynote speaker for women's retreats
  • Interviewed by radio stations across the nation
  • Interviewed by MomsOnline
  • Featured as a special guest on Cornerstone TV
  • Featured as a special guest on OpenHouse Television

SilentGrief.com evolved from the needs that were seen following the writing of Silent Grief. This endeavor is a labor of love and one that ignites a fire in Clara's heart. It is her express desire to be able to help families cope with the grief of losing a child, to keep families strong in their faith, and to bring glory and honor to God.

Clara Hinton continues to write weekly inspirational articles. It is her desire to write books that promote strong family life centered on God. Her love of God, family, and all of life are reflected in her writings.

You can contact Clara Hinton at chinton@silentgrief.com.

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