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Mission statement & site introduction

What is SilentGrief.com?
SilentGrief.com is a ministry of love for all parents who have suffered the very personal pain of child loss. This work of love came about as its founder, Clara Hinton, realized that many needs of parents going through child loss were not being met. SilentGrief.com is a place where one can find ongoing support and encouragement to help you walk through the slow process of healing from the loss of a child.

The goal of SilentGrief.com is to help heal broken hearts from the grief of child loss, giving hope to those who once felt hopeless and alone.

SilentGrief.com is a place for anyone who has been touched by child loss to visit. This is a place for grieving parents, grieving siblings and other family members, and grieving friends. This is also a place to visit if you want to understand how to help those who are grieving the loss of a child. Every profession that deals with child loss should visit SilentGrief.com frequently.

  1. Daily Food - a positive scripture to encourage you each day
  2. Healing Thoughts - a daily thought to give you hope
  3. Community Message Board - a place where you can make new friends who can offer help
  4. Advice and Comfort (Articles) - author Clara Hinton will post weekly articles to help mothers, fathers, family members, and friends dealing with all aspects of child loss
  5. Resources - there will be the opportunity to purchase the book Silent Grief, which serves as the backdrop of SilentGrief.com, and there will be links to other useful sites, helpful printed materials and groups that could be able to help

The insights and words of hope are built on the timeless truths found only in the Bible.

SilentGrief.com is your friend, your help, your encouragement, and your community to support you in your times of need.

To send questions or comments, email Clara Hinton at chinton@silentgrief.com.

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