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Silent Grief
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 • Paperback, 176 pages
 • Published by New Leaf Press
 • ISBN: 089221371X
 • Dimensions (inches):
    0.57 x 8.45 x 5.24

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Silent Grief
Miscarriage—Child Loss, Finding Your Way Through the Darkness
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Written By Clara Hinton
List Price: $10.99 (USD)

At A Glance: Silent Grief is a book that has been written to encourage and give hope to the heart of any parent grieving the loss of a child. Silent Grief will take away your feeling of aloneness, and help you to know that someone truly cares. You will be gently guided through the emotions of loss into the light of hopeful living once again.

From the Author: When I had my first miscarriage, the worst part of the experience, aside from losing the baby, was the feeling that I was going through this deep, unrelenting pain all alone. I hadn't felt this kind of emptiness since the death of my thirteen-year-old sister, and I never wanted to feel that alone again.

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to talk with thousands of parents who have known the pain of losing a child. One thing remains universal-all have felt totally alone at some point in their walk through grief.

A few years ago, I decided to do something positive to help parents who were grieving the loss of a child. The book Silent Grief came about as a labor of love from my heart for any parent who has suffered this lonely pain of losing a child. The words in Silent Grief will become very personal to you. I have written the book in such a way as to help you feel like you have the presence of a friend nearby who is gently talking to you, offering hope in your most lonely hours of pain and need.

I urge every parent who has experienced the loss a child-from early loss to adult loss-to get a copy of Silent Grief. You will never experience that empty feeling of being alone again. You will find words of understanding, healing, and the most needed words of all-words of hope.

- Clara Hinton

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