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A New Day
Product Details

 • Audio CD (Compact Disc)
 • Number of Tracks: 3
 • Running Time: Approx 32 Minutes
 • Performed By Clara Hinton
 • Produced by Team Family, Inc.

Track Listing & Running Times

 1) In Search of the Sun (9:47)
 2) When You Feel Alone (8:56)
 3) God Is Near (12:45)

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A New Day
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Performed By Clara Hinton
List Price: $15.00 (USD)

At A Glance: A New Day is a CD with words of hope and healing spoken by Clara Hinton. These personal messages and scriptures have been spoken with a background of soft, inspirational music. You will feel uplifted as you are gently reminded that God is near even in the most difficult times of pain, including the loss of a child.

From the Author: There were many painful moments in my life when I felt like I was so alone. I needed somebody to remind me that the pain I was experiencing wasn't always going to feel this way. I needed to know that I really did have somebody in my life who cared. I needed to have some hope.

When my 13-year-old sister died, my world felt like it was falling apart. My parents divorced shortly before my sister's death, and nothing in life felt right for a very long time. I, like many of you, was going through a very painful time in my life when even God felt distant.

I've had many other occasions that felt like my world was turned upside down and would never get back on track again. I slipped into a time of depression, and all of life looked dark and hopeless. What I needed was a continual reminder of hope.

Allow me to be that friend talking to you in your time of need. Let me help calm your fears as I remind you through some of my personal experiences and scriptures that God is still near. You're not alone. Allow me to remind you of the hope that is available to get you through your time of pain. I urge you to listen to words spoken on A New Day until they become part of your daily living.

God is nearby taking care of all of your needs. He has not left you alone to carry this burden of pain. In fact, you have been given A New Day—a day of hope and healing. After listening to this CD, you will be filled with the joy of knowing that you do not have to remain in the valley of despair. There is A New Day waiting just for you!

- Clara Hinton

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